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First of its category and unique, the Bièvres international Photofair is rightly nicknamed the « Mecca of Photography ».
This event gathers photo professionals and amateurs and is a must. It is held every first weekend of June, in Bièvres, a town located 12 km south of Paris.
Whether you are a photographer, a graphic designer, an illustrator, a leader writer, a collector, a second-hand dealer, an antique-hunter or simply a photo-fan, you should come and join the game. You will spend a great time with captivating meetings and exchanges, bargaining and trading! Every year, the fair attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.
 Antiquity and second-hand field

At the Bièvres Photofair, one buys, one sells ! In the fairground, more than 2 hectares, you will find the largest team from all Europe with over 300 traders. Europeans, Japanese and Americans, will all be there… And this year again, they won’t stay on the bench !  Rare pieces of equipment, collection objects, vintage cameras, lens and accessories whether for film or digital equipments, vintage pictures and old books, … will be offered for sale. This is the heart of the Fair, which provides purchasers from all countries!

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